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Nourrir le bébé

Mother's milk

CLSC Côte-des-Neiges nurses refer the families selected for this program. Milk donation continues until the child reaches the age of twelve months.


There are various reasons why these families must resort to such support despite the encouragement given to mothers to adopt and continue breastfeeding. Sometimes the mother must return to work quickly and can only partially breastfeed her child. Other mothers have given birth to twins or even triplets and the quantity of milk is not sufficient, or the mother is not in the physical or psychological condition to properly feed her child.


This program is another important support for very low-income families, particularly those whose income is insufficient such as very low-wage workers.

For families receiving social assistance, the state allows similar assistance until the child's ninth month. Our distribution program allows them to bridge the gap until their baby’s twelfth month.

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